American white oak (Quercus Alba) grows throughout the midwestern and eastern states of the United States.  Sun exposure, soil quality and precipitation in southern regions cause more rapid growth, leading to larger ring width and coarser grain.  Colder climates allow less growing time, resulting in thin growth rings and finer grain, along with a high percentage of springwood and its preferable levels of extractable phenols.


The northwest region of the American white oak range allows only five months of growth a year.  Forests produce trees with extra fine grain. When the oaks are more than 100 years old, loggers cut the trees by hand.  These barrel-quality logs arrive at nearby stave mills.  Fine Northern Oak is proud to work with leading stave companies, renowned for their quality fine-grained oak.


As staves are cut for barrels, narrower ones do not work for wine barrels.
These are set aside for FNO's oak alternatives.  The small lots are air-dried and seasoned for two Minnesota winters.  Freezing and unfreezing during temperature fluctuations causes cracking of the wood’s dense structure, preparing the oak for toasting later.


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